Flynth supports Belvar in rolling out 50 Moxy Hotels in Europe

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Belvar is facing an exciting new challenge. Over the next five years, the hotel management and development company will roll out fifty new hotels in Europe as part of its latest hotel brand: Moxy. Belvar does not own the Moxy brand; rather, it franchises the name as part of the Marriott Hotel Group. In 2016 the company opened a new headquarters in Amsterdam. They were introduced to Flynth via the global accounting network BKR International.

At Belvar , financial director Rasmus Steen is jointly responsible for Moxy Hotels. He sees Flynth as a key partner in arranging financial, fiscal, and accounting issues. An important first step is to set up a reliable international team of dedicated accountants. Moxy Hotels are currently open in Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Aberdeen, with another hotel opening in London on 1 March.

Belvar is a Norwegian company by origin that operates various brands owned by the Marriott Hotel Group in Europe. Belvar will therefore take on the entire hotel development cycle, from initial start-up to the successful operation of the hotel. They are doing so by investing in the long term and transforming their hospitality vision and expertise into excellent results.

Moxy hotel: there's no place like home
Belvar and Marriott International are jointly developing Europe’s newest hotel brand: Moxy Hotels. “Our primary target group is millennials,” explains Rasmus Steen. “We blend modern and stylish design with new hotel services. The spacious lounge is the heart of the hotel; this is where the action happens. It's a spirited and lively place where you can do things with fellow travellers that you may not otherwise have done. We offer everything that young, modern tourists and business travellers are looking for: a large bar, fast Wi-Fi, and plenty of room for a good party,” he explains.

“This formula really appeals to guests, as evidenced by our other Moxy hotels. Because our guests spend so much time in the spacious and chic lobby, the rooms are smaller but still luxuriously appointed. This has a great advantage in terms of service. A traditional hotel with 250 beds requires at least fifty staff members, while a Moxy hotel with the same number of beds requires only twenty staff members. Our concept scales down everything that modern business travellers can do without, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of quality. The offset is to be able to sell at more affordable rates!”

Flynth as business partner
Flynth will provide Belvar with the support it needs in the coming years, primarily by checking figures and designing an efficient administration system. Flynth will also advise on tax matters. “Our Norwegian accountant recommended Flynth,” continues Steen. “They were both part of the international BKR accounting network. Our accountant had close ties to Hans Geuns at Flynth. An important plus is Flynth's extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality sector.”

When it comes to international business, first impressions are key. Steen and his colleagues were immediately impressed by Flynth. “Flynth has a lot of international expertise. And thanks to the BKR network, they also have reliable partners throughout Europe, who they know on a personal level. Our organizations have a lot in common. We have short lines of communication, which allows us to respond quickly to demands”, he explains.

“As an international company in the Netherlands, it's important to find partners who are familiar with your field and who can support you by providing local knowledge and expertise. Together, we are building a solid, reliable, and international network. Flynth provides us with the high-quality service that we've come to expect in the hospitality sector. A personal connection is very important to me. When I send an e-mail to Hans, I know the man behind the reply. That makes our communication nicer and more efficient!”

Trust in the hectic years
Flynth is making an important contribution to Belvar’s plans, without losing its independent position as an accountant. “To ensure the rapid development of our company, it's important to make sure things are organized at the administrative and fiscal level from the very start,” says Steen. “Flynth and their international partners are helping us with this. Flynth is also carrying out the audit. I know we have plenty of hectic but great years ahead of us!”

A word from a Flynth advisor
From its location in the border region, the Venlo branch supports a wide range of internationally operating companies, such as Belvar. Hans Geuns is the external accountant for Belvar and Rasmus Steen.

“As a client, Belvar is great,” says Geuns. “And so is the contact with Rasmus and his colleagues. I really enjoy working for the hospitality sector. The huge strides Belvar is taking in this industry is both interesting and inspiring. And I love that Flynth has helped to make a difference from the very start.”
Venlo branch
“At the Venlo branch, several international accounting experts work together in one core team,” explains Geuns. “We often supplement this team with personal contacts from other countries using the BKR network. This helps us offer our international clients an all-in package that allows them to focus on their core business. Accessibility and a quick response rate are key. One e-mail is often enough to explain the situation. We speak our client's language and have a tremendous amount of international expertise when it comes to fiscal issues. In other words: we look forward to welcoming you to the Netherlands.”

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