Welcome to the Flynth Asia Desk - 欢迎亚洲业务部

Welcome to the Flynth Asia Desk - 欢迎亚洲业务部

Are you a foreign Asian business seeking to trade in the Netherlands or Europe? It’s a logical step, since its geography and infrastructure make the Netherlands an inviting country for foreign businesses. That’s why many Asian companies choose the Netherlands as their first venture into Europe. The Netherlands is the gateway to Europe.

With Flynth on your side you can get off to a flying start. We can offer VAT advice and support in the fields of finance, accounting, tax and law. Our VAT advisors assist Asian businesses in the Netherlands with:


  • When you sell goods to foreign companies or consumers from the Netherlands you will be obliged to VAT register. For e-commerce there is the One-Stop-Shop registration. We can assist you with the VAT registration procedure in the Netherlands (including OSS and i-OSS) or any other EU-country
  • You will need to comply with VAT regulations:
    including filing periodical VAT returns (timely payments)

   Monthly Intrastat (if exceeding the annual threshold)

   European sales listing (quarterly ESL, if exceeding EUR 50,000 monthly ESL)

  • Invoice requirements (proof of export, bookkeeping)
  • VAT audits assistance  

When importing goods VAT at import is due. The Netherlands provides a special arrangement to defer the payment of import VAT to your VAT return. Foreign companies can only use this VAT deferment scheme when using a VAT representative. We can arrange this for you including the compliance.

E-commerce: when the i-OSS applies then Asian businesses need to assign a representative located in the Netherlands/EU

  • When importing goods into the Netherlands or Europe, import duties are due. We can assist you with the correct classification, apply the rules of origin, apply the appropiate customs procedures in order to save customs duties. We will happy to provide you with a tailormade advice.

    In case of discussions with customs we have experience with Appeal/Objection procedure

We can also assist with:

Setting up an BV

The Netherlands is recognised for its favourable tax climate for foreign businesses, with regard to both corporation tax and value added tax. Foreign private limited companies enjoy various exemptions. In particular, the internationally renowned participation exemption often offers interesting benefits.


The Netherlands is an inviting country for expats. You can get by easily with English, and you’ll find that the country is multi-cultural. In addition, expats benefit from the 30% ruling. Flynth will be happy to sort this out with you and your employer.  

Employment-law issues

In the Netherlands employment-law issues are regulated slightly differently than in other countries. The Dutch system has a reputation for being complex, for example, to the Americans.


It is important for you to know how you are positioned internationally and that the figures are accurately recorded. Auditing rules can be different from one country to the next. We and our international partners know the various regulations and can arrange the audit for you. 

We know the country and people. We bridge the gap and make your start in the Netherlands smooth and successful.

Our dedicated Asia desk team can support you in your own language. We have extensive knowledge of the Chinese and Turkish language and culture. Our VAT-advisors are native Dutch speakers (born/grown up in the Netherlands and studied tax law).
We understand the vast challenges/risk of international trade. We can assist the following countries:

- China (including Hongkong and Macao)

- Turkey