Welcome to ‘The Netherlands: trading nation’

Are you a foreign business seeking to operate in the Netherlands? It’s a logical step, since its geography and infrastructure make the Netherlands an inviting country for foreign businesses. That’s why many companies from outside Europe choose the Netherlands as their first venture into Europe.

With Flynth on your side you can get off to a flying start. We can offer advice and support in the fields of finance, accounting, tax and law. Our advisers and specialists help foreign companies in the Netherlands with:  

  • setting up an accounting system
  • Dutch and foreign tax law  
  • expat services
  • value added tax
  • audits
  • employment law
  • legal advice
  • bookkeeping
  • pay-roll administration
  • subsidies

Flynth adviseurs en accountants

Flynth has been in business for almost one hundred years. It currently boasts over fifty offices employing one thousand four hundred staff in the Netherlands. This makes us the sixth biggest accountancy firm in the Netherlands. Flynth employs staff who are accountants, tax experts, legal experts and advisers on subsidies. We are a member of BKR International, an international accounting association that provides us with a network of accountants and advisers made up of over one hundred and fifty members in eighty countries.   

Locating your business in the Netherlands

For many international companies the Netherlands is an inviting country in which to locate.  The country is renowned for its open trading culture and warm welcome for foreign businesses. You will find that the Netherlands is the perfect base from which to conduct your European operations:  

  • The Netherlands has entered into tax treaties with over eighty other countries
  • It offers an attractive tax climate for foreign businesses
  • Good IT infrastructure
  • Good level of English spoken by the population  
  • Stable economy and government finances
  • High level of education amongst the population 

Tax climate

The Netherlands is recognised for its favourable tax climate for foreign businesses, with regard to both corporation tax and value added tax. Foreign private limited companies enjoy various exemptions. In particular, the internationally renowned participation exemption often offers interesting benefits. Our specialists are on hand to find the best solutions for your business.


The Netherlands is an inviting country for expats. You can get by easily with English, and you’ll find that the country is open and tolerant. In addition, expats benefit from the 30% ruling. In the Netherlands you will probably incur additional costs. To help offset these, you will pay – if you satisfy the conditions – thirty per cent less income tax. Flynth will be happy to sort this out with you and your employer.   

Structuring profit streams

When operating internationally it is often beneficial from a tax point of view to see how your profit streams from your Dutch and international activities are formulated and organized. By doing this, you spread the risks faced by your business. In addition, you can also utilize various tax schemes and benefits in the countries in which you operate.   

Your profit streams need to be structured in a way that complies with a number of legal requirements. To find out the options for your company and to create an effective structure, it’s a smart move to obtain god advice.   

Employment-law issues 

In the Netherlands employment-law issues are regulated slightly differently than in other countries. The Dutch system has a reputation for being complex, for example, to the Americans. Over recent years a lot has changed and it is now more accessible. Flynth has the specialist knowledge in house to handle your employment matters or to guide and advise you in this field.


It is important for you to know how you are positioned internationally and that the figures are accurately recorded. Auditing rules can be different from one country to the next. We and our international partners know the various regulations and can arrange the audit for you.  

Are you about to set foot in the Netherlands, or do you need advice on matters relating to international commerce? The advisers and specialists of Flynth International are on hand to assist. You can e-mail them at international@flynth.nl